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We have received a high volume of inbound requests from distributers in markets such as the Middle East (see attached Image 14) and Israel (see attached Image 15), who are keen to be our distributors.Several fleet managers and other corporate customers around the world have requested volume orders for Uniti, validating B2B demand for our vehicle.The segment can be characterized as progressive in many aspects of social and secular life.Many of this target group shows little interest in traditional cars.The design took several years of research, and involved a wide group of stakeholders, including leading Nordic product designers.We, Öhrlings Pricewaterhouse Coopers AB, have reviewed the information given in this memorandum issued by Uniti in their Crowdfunding campaign.

Consequently, we are unable to confirm that there are no other relevant information that would give a different picture of the future of the electric cars or the business its potential or risks associated than what is given in this memorandum.If you are an accredited or institutional investor interested in investment opportunities with us, please contact us at [email protected] We recently completed a crowdfunding campaign with the general public.Over the course of 9 weeks, we've received over 950 investors in 37 different countries across the world - thank you for your support!Once we have a critical mass of vehicles on the road and we have gathered sufficient data to reliably enable autonomy features, we can extend our business model to offer mobility as a service.In this phase, both fleet managers and private persons will be able to opt into this 'car on demand' service, which will include remote human monitoring of vehicles during delivery.

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The aim of the project was to conduct research into improving the societal and environmental impact of modern cars.

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