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*EDIT* I see now Spuds already mentioned it *EDIT* Made sure I did the nuclear waste collection before that ( the property only comes available after the Merryweather heist ), damn that is so boring, especially if you do it for the second time !Another good tip is doing the Epsilon missions before you start the guide, I only noticed this now, can make you .1M as Michael.Pre-Mission Preparation - Make sure it is Monday, if not switch to Trevor (12 hour save) and save your game numerous times to advance the time to Monday - Start as Franklin and park up by the Gas station at the start of the Freeway heading north up the Western Freeway, do a quick save (using your WIP save slot) - Switch to all characters and invest all in Tinkle (TNK) on the Bawsaq - Switch back to Franklin then head up the coast until you get the blip on the radar to give the poor guy a lift, if you don't get the blip drive up and down the road a few times (Fort Zancudo to the North the Gas Station to the South to allow spawning) until he shows, if not reload your saved game and try again.DO MISSION - HITCH LIFT 1 Post-Mission - Wait about 18-24 Hours - Target Return Percentage: Pre-Mission Preparation - Same as above DO MISSION - HITCH LIFT 1 Post-Mission - The return is now pretty much instantaneous, that being just drive out of the Airport complex and park up at the parking lot by the garage used in the Gauntlet Car Missions.This guide was originally written using the Play Station 3 version of the game.From the way I did it as described in this guide I managed to make .1bn; your total payout may vary depending on if you chose Option A, B or C (if after main missions) or if you made numerous purchases before taking on the missions, or do this before the end of the main storyline.I do have a small team of Elite Crack Winged Monkeys looking into things for me to test out the guide to see if there are any major differences, some of which have already been reported later in this topic.Once I've got some of the information correlated I will add the notes to this guide.

As for the Weapons and Car mods tip, to be honest I didn't really include anything like that in, because you make enough money during the game that those modification don't make much difference, especially since after the run through you end up with about .1bn, which is more money than you can really do anything with, and during my run through I had maxed out all mods on weapons as I went through (minus the flashlights as they annoy me).

- Target Return Percentage: - Switch to all characters and sell all.

- Switch to all characters and Invest everything into Redwood (RWC) on the LCN - Wait 48-96 Hours, this may take you up to Saturday, the reason is unclear why it such a huge window of opportunity however when this reaches its target percentage it doesn't really move, so for this reason switch to Trevor due to the 12 hour save and each time you wake up check your return in your Portfolio.

If you are playing it on the Play Station 4, XBox1 or PC, then your payout may be a lot less as the return percentages have been changed since then.

For the update to this guide I have been using the PC version, but from feedback in this topic and research the payout appears to be similar across the "Next Gen" editions of the game.

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(*cannot guarantee the date as knowing Rockstar and their history, the PC version may be delayed until such time that man has landed on Mars, Half Life 3 is released and a cure for Justin Beiber is found) Any Comments, critique, praise or offers of marriage* accepted.

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