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Everyone knows that black folks, especially black men, get followed around stores by racist clerks and that the security camera focuses on them more than anyone else.

These two clever thieves found a way to make stereotype and human stupidity work to their advantage.

The two of them stood in Confederation Park, on a sunlit Friday morning in early August.

Unlike a lot of other people coming and going through the park, however, these two weren't enjoying the sunshine. "Cool, I go into Shoppers Drugmart and act all thuggish, draw attention to myself and you discretely make off with the goods while I distract everyone," Paul Herisson replied, stroking his goateed chin thoughtfully.

Standing five feet three inches tall, with medium brown skin and long, curly black hair, the golden-eyed Keralite cutie was used to being underestimated.

Something she used to her advantage every chance she got.

Photo: © Anya Chibis/Chatelaine The 40-year-old former TV personality revealed that her outgoing personality has suited her well for life under a microscope. It would be difficult to be in this position, I think, if I wasn’t like that.” She also addressed how criticism and negativity has affected her since election night. But I know who I am and what I have to give.” The bright and bubbly mother of three is a natural in front of the camera.

“The negative things that can be said—I thought they would affect me more. Photo: © Anya Chibis/Chatelaine The Montreal native reserves a positive outlook when it comes to handling personal attacks, saying “Worrying about it doesn’t serve you as an individual, nor does it serve the country.” And while some wives of political figures are given strict scripts to follow, Sophie insists she hasn’t had to adhere to any rules.

Today he wore a hooded black sweatshirt, blue jeans and black timberland boots, his normally stylish Afro looking wild and unkempt, all the better to sell off the image of the 'urban troublemaker.' My lady definitely thinks of everything, Paul thought, amazed by the sheer boldness and raw cleverness of Ashima's plans.

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Dressed in skinny jeans and an Aritzia blouse, the glamorous mother of three opened up to the publication about life in the public eye and how her world has changed since her husband Justin Trudeau was elected the 23rd prime minster of Canada on Oct. “The pictures and dresses and official functions—that’s my job, but it’s not my whole life.

I feel close to people, and their reality and my reality are not that different,” she insists.

Sophie has adapted to her new public role with ease.

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