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The cruise was to the Eastern Caribbean and included stops in the US Virgin Islands and St. The only problem was that it was based on double-occupancy and she didn't know anyone who she would want to go with. Teresa wasn't dating anyone right now and hadn't been for almost a year now. "My friends call me Tee." "Oh, so we're friends now? And if you're a friend of hers, you're a friend of mines." Teresa explained. Then Teresa saw to the side of the table a two-pack of chocolates Jello pudding. The last relationship she was involved in ended in heartbreak. "Oooh look at you, little slut you," she said with a laugh. They decided to go on the cruise the week of Labor Day, which was towards the end of the time period Teresa had to choose to take the cruise by.

He was going to do what he was going to do regardless.

They had known each for years and were extremely close. She saw the dog in the man and tried to warn Teresa.

It only made Teresa angry and Kelli realized that her friend would have fall real hard in order to learn the truth.

But she could not forgive him for robbing her of the ability to have children.

The man didn't even come to the hospital to see Teresa after the procedure. Through it all, the only person who helped Teresa through it all was her best friend, 34-year-old Kelli Phillips.

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She had been with her boyfriend for almost six years and thought everything was going well.

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