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He took a royal hostage from each of the nine kingdoms he subjugated, hence his famous nickname.

The families that descend from Niall are collectively known as the U Neill, meaning descendants of Niall, and not to be confused with the sept of O Neill.

Carlow, where an O Neill sept was situated in the barony of Rathvilly.

Another O Neill sept was located in the Decies and its present day representatives are found in Co. One of the most lasting and identifiable symbols of Ireland, the red hand, is taken from the O Neill coat of arms.

Conn Bacach (the lame) O Neill, the first Earl of Tyrone (c.

1484-1559), was the first of the great warrior O Neills.

His family did not approve of an English title and there was much feuding, which led to the murder of one of his sons.He had twelve sons, of whom four moved into Ulster to establish the dynasty there.Eoghan, son of Niall gave his name to Tir Eoghain (in English Tyrone) and twelve generations later we find his descendant, Niall Glandubh (Niall of the Black Knee) as High King in 890 A. He was killed in battle against the Norsemen near Dublin in 919. 943) who adopted the surname O Neill, meaning grandson of Niall.It was plundered many times and Murtough O Brien demolished it in 1101 in revenge for the destruction of the O Brien royal seat at Kincora in County Clare.It is recorded that he ordered his soldiers to carry away the stones with their provisions.

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