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“Ray, if I pick a guy you will be jealous of him from the first moment and be suspicious and wondering why I chose him, so I prefer that you do it and that way you can’t come back and accuse me later.” My wife and I, over a period of several days, had been discussing my wanting to see her fuck another man, and it seems, she had been thinking of it around the same time and had been afraid to broach the subject. But Jackie and my wife had talked intimately about things one day and the subject of women with women had come up. That’s great to hear since he is always walking around in a T shirt displaying his muscles.” I knew Jackie pretty well since she was always coming over to visit with Sally, but I had never really cared for Biff. First we had made the trip over here, and then I had laid out 0 for a nice motel room with an outside entrance, and finally, the choosing of her first man. No backing out even if he turns out to be a runt and kind of homely? No backing out.” She was tossing it right back at me. Now let’s wait.” He turned out to be tall dark and handsome. That I didn’t know, but if my wife was doing it too, maybe. “My wife’s pussy,” I hesitated and then decided to go on, “Is nice and tight but…” I hesitated again and I think my face was turning red, “But she can’t take a really long one I don’t think. Of course, that would be a requirement of mine in any case.” “To watch or to join in? If he is about my length he’s probably no wider.” “I hope so.” Sally was still rubbing the bulge going down the left inside of my trousers as I pulled into the motel lot and in front of my door. But he was holding out his hand to Sally, and she took it.I guess in that chair was where she wanted me for now.Dwayne took Sally by the hand and moved her to the bed. Don’t start without me.” I quickly, after putting my shoes back on, headed for the door.” Sally giggled and grasped my now like a rock cock. All the way over there, fifteen feet, I was wondering, ‘Is my wife still doing this to keep her word, or is she excited at maybe getting to fuck a black man? We couldn’t agree on who would choose her first man so we agreed that the next man to sit here in that stool you’re on would be the guy.” He said it again. I’d say about 35 and from the looks of that chest she must be a D cup. So yes, I do it if that’s the case and sometimes, if the husband wants to get close, I might let him aim my cock for me or even help his wife suck on it.” I was shocked at what he was saying, but at the same time I felt my cock tingling, and yes, even dripping. When you pull in behind us you can follow us to the motel.” He had a nicer car than me, a Mercedes AMG, one of the hot ones. He uses the F word a lot.” “Maybe because that is where his mind is, like mine is about now.” She giggled softly and reaching across that stupid console, she rubbed the area of my crotch. “I guess that way you can be up close and personal, right? I plan to be right there and watching when his black cock opens your tight little pussy for the first time.” Sally sighed. I’ve heard stories about black men and I don’t want it to hurt.” I didn’t want to spoil any surprise for her but felt that she needed reassurance. Just like that, he was bending down several inches and my wife was raising her face to his as they began kissing. “Do you need to use the bathroom or anything first?“Not in inches did I tell her, but I held my hands apart this far (she illustrated by placing her palms about seven inches apart) and I said you were about this long. “The guy needs to be at least decent looking, not really ugly or dirty or anything, and not way fat or anything like that. ’ My heart was beating hard and I was wondering how to broach the subject. We’ve been married seventeen years and now she’s curious.” “She’s curious about black men? “She’s a nice firm D cup and she’s 37, but don’t tell her I told you her age. I was wondering if he was also hot with that cock of his. “I told him you were little and how long, what size I am and that I sometimes hit bottom and he says he is about the same, seven inches, maybe a little more.” “But what about width? ” I was adjusting the lighting just so as she answered. I’ll just freshen up a little bit.” I interpreted that in my mind as; ‘She’s going to wash her pussy.’ I watched as my wife, looking very excited I might add, headed into the big bathroom and closed the door.

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