Liquidating trust agreement

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The Trust shall proceed, in a timely manner, to liquidate the Trust Property and satisfy the claims of creditors in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 281(b) of the DGCL.

A Missing Beneficiary shall be defined as (a) a stockholder on the date of the closing of the transfer books of the Company who has neither surrendered his Stock Certificates nor provided the Managing Trustee with an indemnity bond in the event of loss, theft or destruction thereof, or (b) a stockholder who has not cashed one or more checks issued to him by the Trust in payment of liquidating distributions or has not properly endorsed any document required by a delivery service in connection with the delivery of property addressed to him as part of a liquidating distribution.

If a notice or distribution is mailed by the Trust to a Beneficiary and either the notice is returned by the United States Postal Service to the Trust as undeliverable or any check included in such notice is not cashed within a reasonable period of time, such Beneficiary shall thereafter be a Missing Beneficiary. This Trust is established for the sole purpose of holding the Trust Property on behalf of the Beneficiaries, enforcing the rights of the Beneficiaries thereto, collecting the income thereon, determining and satisfying any liabilities of the Company (including identification and satisfaction of claims in accordance with the DGCL), distributing the remaining Trust Property to the Beneficiaries, and taking such other action as is necessary to conserve and protect the Trust Property and to provide for the orderly investment, conservation, liquidation and eventual distribution of any and all of the Trust Property.

It is the intention of the parties that the Trust shall acquire title to the Assets and Trust Property so that the liquidation of the Trust Property shall be completed within six (6) years from the date of the formation of the Trust, and that all claims and obligations of the Company shall be paid or otherwise provided for as contemplated by the Company’s Amended Plan of Complete Liquidation and Dissolution..

The Company hereby assigns to the Trust and the Trust hereby assumes all remaining liabilities and claims (including unascertained or contingent liabilities and expenses) of the Company except for liabilities expressly assumed by Glen Arden Development, LLC or by Bellemeade Development, LLC pursuant to the Purchase Agreements.

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