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There was a pulley-lift built into a wall at one end of the room, next to which was a servants’ spiral staircase.So I’d lay platters of food on the wobbly lift, tug at the rope until it reached the floor above, and then scuttle up the staircase to greet the meal upstairs and take it through to the dining room.Once we were kitted out in white chef's coats and navy pinnies Paul kicked off.The day, he explained, would follow a basic structure. He finished by warning us to pace ourselves as we'd be grazing all day.Take last week, for instance: I was making supper for a few friends and a colleague had given me her "foolproof" recipe for marinated salmon served on a bed of wilted spinach. So it seemed like fate when a brochure for Rick Stein's Seafood School in Padstow fluttered in my direction.

Then I curled it up, so its head was touching its tail, and placed the Cumberland-sausage-shaped parcel into the water to cook. But it was one of my first agency jobs and I had never poached a whole fish before.

There was a welcome note from Rick inside: "I'm pretty sure you will be in for a very enjoyable time ...

because I think cooking is a very satisfying occupation." Mmm. "Every morning you will prepare and cook a seafood lunch with the Seafood School chef, Paul Sellars, then you will sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a modest amount of wine." That was more like it.

Thankfully the salmon was at least impeccably cooked. I arranged the lines of flesh flat on a platter, like a palaeontologist trying to recreate its original shape.

But that also meant that no ham-fisted manoeuvre was going to straighten it out. I lopped off the head and tail and placed them at the top and bottom of the fillets. But ever since, I have never underestimated the usefulness of a fish kettle.

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