Highly exudating

Vautex’s™ rapid capillary action promotes debridement and optimal moist wound healing.

Wound bed preparation is the management of a wound in order to accelerate endogenous healing or to facilitate the effectiveness of other therapeutic measures. Case studies with Drawtex have shown that it is very effective at reducing odor within the wound bed. How does Drawtex manage the quantity of the exudate? Through Leva Fiber Technology, Drawtex has the ability to lift, hold and transfer the exudate both vertically and horizontally throughout the dressing. Drawtex manages and controls high volumes of exudate.

Ions from the exudate form a mobile layer of the opposite charge known as the electric double layer, effectively reversing the charge on the surface of the dressing to become positive.

This allows the dressing to draw out a relatively large amount of exudate, devitalised tissue, bacteria and deleterious chemical mediators.

It is also available in PDF format and can be downloaded here.

Each carton contains instructional literature, complete with full color photographs.

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When used correctly, Drawtex manages exudate, wound debris, bacteria and harmful MMPS, and prevents maceration while protecting the surrounding skin from breakdown.

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