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Squirrel monkeys originate from the tropical forests of Central and South America, living in the canopy layer of the trees.

They are small to mid-sized primates with a long tail to balance with.

Flying is one of the biggest man-made sources of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Friends of the Earth say that one return flight from London to Miami puts as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as the average British car driver produces in a year.

There are probably places of natural beauty and interest in your own country that you've never visited. You're sitting in the hot sunshine beside the swimming pool of your international luxury hotel, drinking your imported gin and tonic.In front of you is the beach, reserved for hotel guests with motor boats for hire.Ecotourism probably involves a little of all of them.Everyone has a different definition but most people agree that ecotourism must: So for example, in a true ecotourism project, a nature reserve allows a small number of tourists to visit its rare animals and uses the money that is generated to continue with important conservation work.

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