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For example, I saw someone I liked and, in her profile, she mentioned she’s really into Marvel comic books. It just so happens I’m a huge comic book geek myself.

What did you think of (the recently released Marvel movie)? Close the deal Nobody’s on these sites to meet new pen pals.

I don’t feel that’s insensitive; I’m fully aware there are some nasty dudes out there with no idea how to carry themselves appropriately and I genuinely empathize with the women that have to cope with that. Have a good icebreaker As gender roles continue to evolve, this is actually good advice for everyone bold enough to make the first move, not just straight men.

In a way, this label also applies to dating in the District.

The summer weather may be conducive to going out more often, but it certainly doesn’t ensure the quality of these outings will keep up with the quantity. To help you combat this summer slog, I’ve talked to experts and mined for some of the best spots in D. I’ve even broken the “Dog Days of Dating” down to three parts: how to get ’em, how to wine ’em and dine ’em, and how to keep ’em.

So if you only bother to post one or two selfies, you’ve inadvertently announced you’re alone and nobody’s interested in taking your picture.

Any online profile should include a minimum of five photos, featuring at least one of the following: a clear look at your face, your smile, a full body shot, an action shot (i.e.

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