Controversy over carbon dating

Similarly, famous archaeologist Abbé Breuil excavated with Morlet and was impressed with the site, but on 2 October, Breuil wrote that "everything is false except the stoneware pottery".

On July 9, another teacher, Benoit Clément, visited the Fradins representing the Société d'Émulation du Bourbonnais, later returning with a man called Viple.Clément and Viple used pickaxes to break down the chamber's remaining walls, which they took away with them.Later, Viple wrote to Émile Fradin identifying the site as Gallo-Roman, dating to between about A.A new group of neutral archaeologists, called the Committee of Studies, was appointed by scholars who were uncomfortable with the ongoing controversy.Excavating from 12 to 14 April 1928, they found more artifacts, and in their report asserted the authenticity of the site, which they identified as Neolithic.

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Since 1999, a group of scholars organized by René Germain has held an annual colloquium about Glozel in Vichy.

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