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The brand also has quirky names for its polish colors, like "A Good Man-Darin Is Hard to Find" and "Aphrodite's Pink Nightie." What it is: Swarovski sells crystal jewelry, with prices that have a wide range.

The most expensive necklace on the company's website is ,600, and the least expensive is .

What it is: The luxury brand sells designer bags that stylish women love.

Why it's hot: It's a hot designer for famous folks; celebrities from Kylie Jenner to Janet Jackson have been seen wearing one of the designer's bags.

Why it's hot: A wide price range certainly makes it appealing to women with various incomes.

What it is: A makeup company with everything from foundation essentials to bright eyeshadow hues. Why it's hot: The Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue survey reported that cool girls are becoming more and more interested in cosmetics, and this brand has millennial appeal.What it is: Bath & Body Works is a mall staple, with its bath products, soaps, lotions, and more.Why it's hot: What girl doesn't like to smell nice?Why it's hot: When it comes to retail, fast fashion rules.Millennials want stylish clothes quickly, and affordably.

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