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I couldn’t figure out what was going on then I read this blog post and began to realize maybe that was a sign my dad was trying to reach out to me in spirit.

Reply A ladybug was in my bathroom sink this morning.

The time between my dad and son were so quick tho, i didnt have time to mourn for my dad much. Reply I know my Father sends me signs because i find dimes a lot.

The first dime i found was right after my Daughter & Grand Daughter moved into their own place.

We were at her house and an old coworker came to fix my dads computer who knew my mom and all I could say was “Look PK, mama came to visit for the weekend. ” And all PK could do was look at mom and myself with amazement. The pains been unbareable to think i have to go through this life without him.did everything together my love for him is so deep.. The first two months..i kept getting feelings of someone whispering to me to take pics in our home.i never take pics.. Now everytimw i take a pic in our bedroom.in there..everytime.very comforting.know hes still with me.i could touch him hug him.him.has sent me a song through his son.tv turns on between 2-3am most nights..i cant wait to be with him again..i miss him so much..

The sign could not have been clearer, my sister felt it too. During that 2 hours she managed to show us so many things through God.

We saw her so happy in heaven with our brother who had passed as a newborn 30 years ago. I saw her spirit rising from her body and then returning to her body as she put in the last bit of fight.

I instantly turned around and the house in front of me has his initials on the door in a wreath RHB….. Reply This happened to me several times after my dad died (he passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2015).

I kept getting phone calls from an unknown number but when I answered there was static on the other line.

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As I turned and looked outside to the rooftop balcony, I saw my Mum and brother outside, walking towards us, holding hands and smiling.

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